Team Bridge on Necker Island

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It is not everyday that you get an offer to go to Necker Island. When we received the invite for the whole family to join friends for a week on Sir Richard Branson’s private Island in the BVI’s, we struggled to hold back the excitement.

February Half term we packed the freestyle, foils, Race kit, drone and some boardies, bound for the BVI’s.

A Flight to Antigua was followed by a small charter plane to Tortola where we were met by the Rib Driver – Eustace who loaded the twin 300hp Rib & wisked us across to Necker. Arriving in the dark we were met by the team of instructors and taken for an evening meal I will never forget. Laid out in the ‘Grand House’ we ate in a way which was to become the norm – raw Tuna, prawns, Fillet stead, Salads all served in the most amazing way with copius quantities of alcohol.
The music was playing, & all the staff incredibly friendly, Sir Richard was sat amongst the group and a huge feeling of excitement for the next week.

We were then showed where we would be staying & this just went to another level!!! We had 3 houses between us 5 and they all had their own unique bathrooms, fridges & swimming pools!!! Shaking my head not really believing what just happened, I went to bed in a daze of the last hours and wanted daylight to arrive.

Soon enough I heard the sound of Tom patting on our door & I awoke to see the colours of greens, turquoises, smells of all the nectar on the tropical flowers. We took a walk along a path & bumped into a handful of snakes, Iguanas and Lizards. The scenery that you see in the pictures does not do it justice. White tops of waves peeling into the turquoise shores, we decided we had done enough looking & needed to get a wave before breakfast.

Arriving at breakfast on the terrace we overlooked the BVI’s, ordered our ‘Necker Breafast & got stuck into fruits, green juice & coconut water.

The days & experiences that followed continued on the same theme with a variety of lunch’s, evening meals at different beach spots & the continuous feeling of being totally & utterly spoilt rotton!!
Sir Richard joined us for lunch & Dinners until he went back to the UK to celebrate the birth of Sam Branson’s baby daughter. His prescence was incredible and totally natural with everyone feeling themselves & embarking in normal conversation.

Tennis, Hobie sailing, Foiling, kitesurfing & teaching most of these skills, we found a good balance between the families wanting to relax but also learn some of these watersports activitirs.

Who would have ever thought we would get to spend a week on the private Island of Sir Richard Branson?

The most ridiculous week in complete luxury surrounded by natural beauty, peace & Caribean colors. A massive Thankyou to Mark & Lill who invited us on their holiday & taking us on a once in a lifetime journey.

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February 24, 2015

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