Red Bull Ragnarok 2015

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The professional kite family
Steph Bridge brought her husband and two sons to Red Bull Ragnarok. That required a bit of planning.

The kite family© Christian Black / Red Bull Content Pool
13 april 2015
Red Bull
Steph Bridge (41) won the women skiing category in this years Red Bull Ragnarok.

It’s a lot of logistics to be sorted when the Bridge family is travelling, which they do a lot.

Steph Bridge is three times world champion kiteracer and competes a lot. So does her husband and their three sons Tom (14), Guy (15) and Olly (17). To make it even more complicated the boys are competing in different classes and disciplines, often with the same kitesizes.

Kiting has evolved a lot the last few years and is getting more and more diversified. That’s why my husband and me need to split up to go competing with the boys.
– Considering that, Ragnarok has been a fantastic event since almost all of us could compete at the same time, says Steph Bridge.


The female winners in the skiing category© Christian Black / Red Bull Content Pool
It’s a lot of luggage when we’re travelling because now the three boys weigh about the same. That means they all need the same sizes on their kites and the family need to pack three times as much as when the boys were different weights.

– We try to be flexible when we travel when it comes to choosing the kites. It’s almost impossible. We can’t bring them all, says Steph.
Guy and Tom Bridge holding their kiting gear
Guy and Tom Bridge© Christian Black / Red Bull Content Pool
Tom (14) is the youngest participant of Red Bull Ragnarok this year. That doesn’t worry his mother because Tom Bridge is the European Freestyle Youth Champion and has won the PKRA.

He started kiting when he was 6,5 years old on a beach in the Caribbean. Despite the fact that he competes a lot throughout the year he doesn’t compete so much with his brothers anymore.

When we were younger we competed a lot. We pushed each other all the time. Now it’s just nice to always have someone to kite with.
It’s also an advantage to have a mother who is an elite kiter. Tom says he picks up a lot of strategy from her.

– Mom teaches me a lot about where to look, how to plan the tactics and being smart during the race. But if I will ever win Ragnarok like her is hard to say. Maybe, says a smiling Tom.

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April 13, 2015

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