Freestyle British Championships

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tom and sam

Check this really old video of the boys for the BBC Blue Peter action Hunstanton:

Morgan, Dad and myself left Exmouth on Friday it was a long 8 hour slow drive with alot of traffic around Birmingham we stopped at a services on the way up me and my dad had a curry from ‘chozen’ noodles and Morgan and 3 burgers from McDonalds which cost £3- pretty good deal. A late arrival at 22.30, we slept & woke early to get to the competition site which was a disappointment since we were informed that nothing would happen for the rest of the day.On Sunday it was looking good, a nice 20 knots good for the 2015 North vegas 7mtr which I used for my .my first heat against Richard Flidel which was a really good heat. It was a dingle elimination and my second heat was against Richard flindel and Olly Sweeney which also went well – this was harder because both of them rode really well. Now i was into the final i was trying not to get cold. The final was with Sam light and George Dufty. This heat both Sam and George were going really well & both powered. I saw Sam do a sick blind judge five and this was the first heat when i landed a 317 which i was very proud of i ended up in second with Sam in first.It was a good experience to go there and to have some heats against the men and now I am looking forward to learning new tricks over the Autumn. hunnstanton podium

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September 23, 2014

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