Winter Training In South Africa

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We arrived in South Africa on the 16 of December 2010, We flew with Virgin Atlantic, a flight from England to Cape Town – Africa taking 11.5 hours.  Straight away went we arrived at the airport we collected our ten bags, and got a taxi into town to find our car hire called ‘Aker car rental. As we soon discovered our car was a 30 year old Mercedes benz- this was to be our trusty transport for the next few weeks.

The first session we had on the water was at ‘big bay’ just  Ollie and Tom went on the water. It was 25knots Ollie was on the 5m,  Tom was on his 4m it was our first session so we were taking it easy not trying new tricks. We found our apartment that evening which you would say was not luxury but it would do. The next few days we based our self around capetown.We did dolphin beach and big bay but the best place was  Cape Point.- (the southern most tip of Africa) There was no wind at cape town so we made the decision to go to Cape point, it took an hour to get there. We had to pay a bit of money to get in to the national park but it was the best place to kite and see wild life around cape town area. When we were driving  through the national park to the kite spot called‘’ plat boom‘’, we saw: Baboons, Zebras And Ostridges-  it was amazing. The waves were 3m with flat water between the waves  & we all had such a good session.

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The next week we went to a place called Witsands which we had seen on one of Aaron hadlows videos it looked amazing and it was.
It had waves on the outside and on the inside a sand bar that joined to the land which made it really flat water it was deep so we would not have any bad crashers. For whitsands to work the wind needed to blow between south and east., But there was one problem, the river was home to the biggest bull shark in the world so every one was a bit scared. We stayed in this holiday home which was right next to the beach so we could go kiting when we want. We set out to learn 1 to 5 tricks. That week Ollie nailed slim, kgb and hassle hof. Tom was working on the front mobe to blind he got one and guy was getting his rally and sbens to bling more powered. We all kited 5 hours a day for seven days we needed a rest so we headed of to cape town to relax our bodies before heading of to witsands again.

At cape town we kited at bid bay which was supper windy. Dolphin beech, but the best session was at Langa baarn- shark bay. This is a big lagoon with lots of kiters, normally there are 300 but today it was quiet so there was only 30- we had the best flat water session around cape town area.

The next day we had woken up early  so that we could head back to wit sand for our final week.  This week Olly and Tom said they we would try the blind judge to blind. Tom nailed it but the kite was very high. Olly nearly got to got it but did not have enough air time. That week guy was learning the blind judge but just missing out on the pass; if he had a extra day he would of nailed it. That week was the best day of the holiday windy ever day. We left Witsands on the 6th of January 2011 due to fly back in the evening we travelled back to cape town in the afternoon. We took off at 10pm in the evening.  We had had a great trip had hope to come back to South Africa soon.
Thanks to Mum, Dad & NKB for the best kites ever.

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February 18, 2011

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