Red Bull Ragnarok 2016

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Want to succeed at Red Bull Ragnarok? Read this!
Insiders Steph Bridge, Peter Martel and Linda Olofsson tells you how to make it at Red Bull Ragnarok

Camilla Ringvold og Linda Viktoria like før start © Christian Black
av Synne Asheim Haga den 9 januar 2016
The winter season is finally here. Feel the cold and fresh air, and prepare for the sixth edition of Red Bull Ragnarok!
In April, 350 kiters from around the world gather on Hardangervidda, Norway, to show courage, strength and precision, normally under quite challenging conditions. Last year only 14 participants managed to reach the finish line…
We’ve gathered insider’s advice from three prolific personalities on how to best prepare, and keep it going during the race.
Remember, a race is never won or lost until it’s over. Suddenly the wind turns in your favour.
Steph Bridge

Linda Viktoria toppet pallen under årets Ragnarok! © Christian Black
Linda Viktoria Olofsson (27)
After only two years as a kiter, the Swedish girl already managed to take 3rd place in the open Norwegian championships (freestyle), and 1st place in the Red Bull Ragnarok. Linda’s best advice:
1. Kite as much as much as you can! Any chance you get. The more comfortable you are with your kite, the better you’ll perform in the race.
2. In front of the race you should be familiar with keeping a straight line in light downwind, for example by looping the kite effectively.
3. The wind conditions are, obviously, important. Watch the weather forecast, and keep an eye on the changing conditions too. Nature is unpredictable. If the wind rises significantly, you might want to switch to a smaller kite.
– PS! It’s fun to excel on your own, but even more fun to succeed together. Red Bull Ragnarok is more than a competition; it brings us together for common experiences, friendship and solidarity.

Peter under Red Bull Ragnarok 2014 © Sebastian Marko Red Bull Content Pool

Peter under Red Bull Ragnarok 2014 © Sebastian Marko Red Bull Content Pool

Peter tok tredje under årets Red Bull Ragnarok! © Christian Black

Peter under årets Red Bull Kite Farm i Canada © Dale Tidy/Red Bull Content Pool
Peter Martel (29)
Raised in Red Deer, Canada, and been kiting for over six years. Amongst other achievements, he has a Red Bull Kite Farm victory and 2nd place in Canadian Kite Formula on his résumé.
– There are no easy answers; each of us has different ways to make the most of it. But based on my personal experience, I would say:
1. Prepare yourself mentally. Leave behind any thoughts that hold you back.
2. Aim to become stronger, faster and better than you were yesterday. Getting in shape does not happen overnight, unfortunately. The main ingredients are hours of training and commitment.
3. Have fun! Whether it’s on snow, water, ski or snowboard. Contests are just an extension of something I – and you – love to do!
– When it’s time to perform, you just have to stick to what you already master. The main difference between competitions and training is the pressure. Everything will not go as you planned, but trust yourself, and keep going. Perseverance and a positive mind are the key factors to reach the finish line.
PS! Check out Peter’s last edit:
© Snow Kite Heaven
Steph Bridge (43)
Three times world champion, winner of Red Bull Ragnarok, Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton, and more. Steph compete a lot, and so does her husband Tom and their sons Guy and Olly.
1. Arrive a few days earlier, and do some training laps. The local kiters kite this spot a lot, which gives them a huge advantage.
2. Use a kite that matches the conditions. Nothing is worse than having to walk up the hill… With light winds it may be advantageous to use a foil kite.
3. Participate in competitions, whether it’s on water, a marathon, triathlon or similar; everything that will help you get into competition mode.
4. Eat slow carbs for breakfast, and bring drinks and snacks with a lot of calories. Drink a lot of fluids in advance. Stay right, and go past the pack early.
– It’s easy to get frustrated. I have participated twice without reaching the finish line! Nevertheless, I won last year. Keep your spirits up and remember that a race is never won or lost until it’s over. Suddenly the wind turns in your favour.

Steph Bridge på Haugastøl tidligere i år

Steph tok førsteplass i ‘Women Ski’ i år! © Christian Black

Familien samlet for Red Bull Ragnarok 2015 © Christian Black
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