Olly Wins ISAF Eurosaf Delta Lloyd Regatta

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Kite racing had been include for the first time in the Eurosaf Delta Lloyd Regatta 2014. The Delta Lloyd regatta is one of the biggest Olympic Classes regattas in the sailing world so it was great for kitesurfing to get this recognition. This includes a new format to kite racing and was also a direct qualifier to the ISAf sailing world cup grand final. The Delta Lloyd regatta took place at Medenbilk international sailing center in Holland. 
One of the North team riders Olly Bridge went to the event to test the new format and help develop kite racing to become an Olympic sport going towards 2020. The 3 day event bought many of the best racers from around the world including current world champion Florian Gruber and Italian Champion,  Riccardo Lechesse and many Nations represented. The new format included a new course which was the short track course. This is a reaching start, downwind and upwind gates with plenty of tacking, gybing, laylines and chances for crashes & switching positions.  This new format is really exciting and with such a short race its crucial to have a the best start.
The course takes approx 8minutes and the rider’s were all separated into heats of six. Every rider competed against each other as many times as possible. At the end of the event all the competitors had competed in 11 heats. Olly bridge collected 9 bullets and 2 2nds. Florian Gruber was also counting the same results but as Olly beat florian in the last race he finish first in the Delta Lloyde regatta 2014.
The next regatta will be the Kite Race IKA African Continental Championships where all of the NKB race team will be using the new 2015 North Dyno and North 69Ltd 2015
Olly is supported by ION, NKB, Edgewatersports, Volvo and Meanline fins & Auguera Race Foils   

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May 27, 2014

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