North dealer meeting

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We arrived in boa vista- Cape Verde islands direct flight from Gatwick.

I stepped out of the plane and felt that warm ne wind 15 knots perfect session on.

I had a session in the lagoon just warming up from being in the uk. I was here on the north dealer trip for the UK, there were lots of dealers including all the magazines.

The next day we went to ponta Antonio the perfect beach for everyone waves on the outside and flat on the inside. We were staying at the Riu hotel all inclusive as much food and drink as you like there are 4 different types of restaurant ate at the smash and

grab it’s the big restaurant were everyone dives to grab food.

Second day we went to a beach called Ervatao cross of shore with a point break windy is was on the six lunching big airs and kite loops and a bit a wave riding on a surf board, at the end of the day we did a down winder down the inland.

Third day we went to chaves it is a bit of a walk to the beach going down big sand dunes  there was no wind so we went back to the hotel beach were I was on a 3.5 in the lagoon.

Fourth day we went to Santa Monica a ship wreck is an the beach, the beech is like westward ho on sur wind with bid waves I did a 313 to toside.

Fifth day I kited in the lagoon Dom Moore from kite world was taking pitchers the sea water was coming over the top and into the lagoon the waver were supper powerful

They would take you out is you stood close to the beech.

Sixth day we went back to ervatao the swell was good an me mum and all the mags the riding the waves it was awesome.

Seventh day we packed the kit up in the morning and went to have food at the beech bar by the pool we were going back to the UK this afternoon.

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March 21, 2010

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