Guy is the European Champion 2018

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A show down of high octane drama amongst the worlds leading Hydrofoil racers took place in Warnemunde, Germany for the European Championships. Just 2 weeks before the world championships, this was an important event to get on top of the game. Leading from the start, Guy age 18 showed skill in all wind conditions against the huge French team and other European athletes.  Not easy being the younger brother and fighting for the 1st position against his brother, Olly. A close 1 point separating the 2 Bridge Brothers by the final day following 7 medal races.

Olly in silver position and Axel Mazilla Bronze, the excitement as this sport takes to the Olympic stage in 2024 now can be seen all over the world. More athletes getting support from their country and an opportunity for riders to become part of a team will be witness in August when world sailing will host the world championships in Denmark.

Guys Words:

So the first 3 days were all qualifying days on these days we had a full mix of conditions.
The first day was crazy around 25 knots, straight onshore with a big swell and lots and lots of seaweed!! We only managed one race which I did ok finishing second behind Nico. That was it for the first day due to the amount of swell they couldn’t set the anchors.
The second day was good and probably my best day in a fleet with world champion Nico Parlier and former world champion Maxime Nocher, as I scored 6 bullets out of 7 races, the wind was about 12 knots in the morning where I was riding my 15m sonic race it picked up to about 20 knots and we were all on 11s, this was a great day for me and gave me lots of confidence going into the rest of the event.
The third day was pretty much a right off with full on rain throughout the whole day, races were tried but a full round was not completed so there was no outcome from the day.
The fourth day we were split into groups of 4, with the top 10 altogether at this stage, the day was incredibly tough with wind dropping very quickly, we managed to do one gold race which was incredibly challenging with very light changeable conditions around the course i managed to get up to second place after a poor opening lap with Olly, winning this one both riding the 21m Sonic race.
The final day was a big challenge with nice 12-15 knots of breeze all the fleets completed 7 races, the whole day was incredibly challenging with the whole fleet incredibly close together and everyone battling to get the top, I managed to get a few good finishes and then tried to be as consistent as possible and somehow managed to get the upper hand over Olly finishing 1 point ahead. Overall I was really happy with my performance and the way I rode throughout the event and was very happy to know that all my gear is at a very high level going into the world championships the main event of the year.








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July 14, 2018

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