Olly, now age 22 is the oldest of three brothers and is a real all round waterman. Olly was the European junior freestyle champion in 2010, and became race youth world champion in 2012, defending his title in 2013. Olly took mens European Titles at age 15 &16 with numerous vice world titles & a bunch of World Sailing Final Gold medal places since. One of the top 2 ranked in the hydrofoil race world, Olly also shows his skills across the disciplines continuing to push the strapless freestyle & big air, most known more recently for his Huge Jump over Dawlish Warren Sand Spit.This epic jump reached BBC News & was the most watched video that day along with getting on all major national news all over the world. Olly is an International rider for flysurfer & is a member of the British Sailing Team aiming for 2024 Olympics.
Tom, age 18 is supported by North Kiteboarding & Red Bull UK. Tom has Has 4 European & World freestyle Youth tittles. Tom has been around kiteboarding since he was age 7 and has been a role model for many young kiters all over the world. Tom is always ‘tricking’ with a skateboard, his surf board or mountain bike. A Knee injury put Tom out for most of 2016 however he made a strong come back in 2017 by becoming British Freestyle Champion. Another Knee injury in 2018 – this time his Left ACL, Tom was out of the water again, this shortly followed by a wrist injury. Currently Tom is training for the RedBull King of the Air & making his come back to the world Freestyle Tour in 2020. .
Guy, age 20 is currently ranked amongst the top 10 Hydrofoil racers in the world and has , in 2017, made a name on the world circuit -taking silver positions at a few high profile stops. Guy became British Kite foiling National Champion 2015 & was under 18’s vice world champion in 2016. This same year Guy gained 2 World Sailing Records by becoming the fastest kitesurfer and also the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight. Guy holds the record for the RedBull L2L,winning it in 2018 & taking just 18mins 49 secs to race 19km. Guy is a huge talent on a foil whether is in the surf, downwind or with a paddle. As well as pushing his freestyle level & motivated for all aspects of the sport, Guy is also a member of the British Sailing Team. Gaining Bronze at the World Beach Games in Oct 2019, Guy moves into the Olympic Cycle with huge energy & committment to the sport he loves..
Steph (mum) is a five time kite race World Champion and for 2020 is stepping back from Hydrofoil Racing. She is self taught and has been competing at a national level since 2004 and an international level since 2007. She claimed the title of European champion in 2012 & 2013 and regained her world tittle in 2014. She was on the 3 shortlisted nominations for ISAF Rolex Sailor Of the Year in 2014 and took the stage with many of the sailing legends. Steph is also the holder of the Guinness world record for being the “fastest person to be towed by a car while pulled along water”.Steph has won the RedBull Ragnarok on skis five timmes and also has taken the 5 x wins down-under at the Lighthouse to Leighton long distance Race. Steph is an active coach at Edgewatersports, creating pathways for youngsters, beginners & higher level coaching clinics. Acting as consultant for GB Kite4gold, Steph continues to push the sport all over the world while also embracing the local legacy with a new watersports centre coming in June 2020.
Eric, (Dad) as well as being a keen kiteboarder, has worked in the water sports industry for 18 years and is one of the founders of the  BKSA Instructor Training Scheme  Together with Steph, he runs a business in their hometown of Exmouth; Edge Watersports. The company teaches people of all ages and standards and are well known also for their Kite Safari trips to winter sun destinations. Eric is a constant mentor for the team and always ensure’s their training to the best of their ability.
  Eric plays cricket for a local team, loves to surf, foil & ride waves all winter days.